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Gripgrab Will Launch Cycling Wear For Aw23

Published November 16, 2022

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Danish cycling essentials brand, GripGrab, is betting big for Autumn-Winter 2023 by entering a completely new category with its first complete range of cycling wear. The brand has listened to its growing base of loyal customers who want functional, good looking and innovative kit from their favourite brand


GripGrab is set to enter a new market for Autumn-Winter 2023 with a new, extensive range of cycling wear – so now riders can dress head-to-toe in the brand's kit and ride all year. GripGrab has already lined up meetings with its most trusted retail partners across Europe, so that the planning for consumer launch in August/September 2023 can be a true omnichannel event across GripGrab's extensive sales channel network.

The past 22 years of continuous growth within the areas of gloves, shoe covers, base layers and socks have taken the brand across the world. Now, the founders say, "it's time to take the range up a notch, by launching our first collection of cycling wear as part of our extensive product portfolio".

The GripGrab cycling wear collection is not intended to showcase "just another cycling wear brand". GripGrab wants to challenge the status quo and do things the GripGrab way. GripGrab has entered the development with a clear vision and a strong value proposition that reflects the overall company values.

"It is our ambition to be able to equip cyclists from top to toe, which quite obviously requires cycling wear. Contrary to what most brands do, we believe the cold, dark and wet conditions of Autumn-Winter is the right time to do it. This is where we can really show what we can do"

– Kristian Krøyer, GripGrab co-founder and head of R&D

AW is GripGrab's peak season. That is when riders are most challenged by the weather – especially in Scandinavia, GripGrab's home, which is where the brand gets most of its inspiration. Cyclists who actively choose to ride all year, for whom there is no off-season – these are GripGrab's target riders. For riders who don't yet ride all year, the kit will enable them to do so. With a complete range of essentials for all possible weather conditions, the next step is to launch a range of essential cycling wear items with that specific GripGrab touch.

Essential layering system

The range is based on an 'essentials layering system', which allows the customer to own only a few key items which, when combined in different ways, are the perfect match for the specific temperatures and weather conditions on any Autumn-Winter ride. Combined with the existing series of GripGrab base layers, merino socks, arm and leg warmers or other products, cyclists can complete the kit they need so they can ride all year.

These first products have been designed and developed to have a strong connection to GripGrab's core categories, thus making cycling wear a want-to-pair with existing, trusted essentials. An example is the next generation AquaRepel Water-Resistant Leg Warmers that will pair perfectly with the newly developed AquaRepel Water-Resistant Bib Shorts. The collection focuses on what the brand defines as "cycling essentials" – products that can be joined together and combined with accessories to kit you out with the perfect solution for any weather conditions.

"In the development of the new cycling wear, we have stayed true to our sustainability promise to create products that last longer and that implement recycled materials, as long as durability is not compromised. The new range will reflect our sustainability-driven approach anchored in the idea of managing cycling life with fewer products, reducing the need for washing and making products that last longer. An example of such product versatility is our non-padded AquaRepel Water-Resistant Bib Tights which come paired with premium padded cycling shorts, the Airflow Mesh Liner Shorts. The tights will be made of a high-stretch softshell fabric with a PFC-free durable water repellent (DWR) treatment that will offer waterproof and windproof protection and shield legs and lower back against rain and road spray"

– Anne Sophie Goetz, GripGrab Product Developer

Classics and innovations

The collection includes well-known categories such as a rain jacket, a winter jacket, a long-sleeve jersey, along with winter bib shorts and bib tights.

Also introduced is a new piece of kit that adds great versatility to most riders' kit drawers. The Mid-Layer Bodywarmer Vest is a product that can be used to increase the thermal insulation of any kit. Put it underneath your jersey to get an extra level of insulation or pair it with the winter jacket when you are heading out in sub-zero conditions. This is a step up in insulation and comfort, and takes inspiration from the outdoor industry, where everyone has got used to layering up and down on the fly.

Bundling long tights with liner shorts is based on a vision where cyclists want less kit and need to wash their entire cycling wardrobe less. With liner shorts, you only have to wash the under-layer after each ride, not the tights. The tights only need washing after three to five rides depending on the conditions they're used in. This will also allow for a longer lifetime of the tights, as washing is often quite hard on garments. The dedicated rider, who is on their bike quite often, can then just purchase a few of the less expensive liner shorts to pair with one set of bib tights.

These mesh liner shorts – which are also offered as a stand-alone item – feature an Elastic Interface high-density foam seat pad for pressure relief, and highly breathable fabrics for the best temperature regulation. The padded liner shorts are also perfect for indoor training sessions or can even be worn under baggy shorts.

Subtle branding, essential colours

The choice of branding and colours is subtle, highly functional and modern. This perfectly complements the season and Scandinavian riding style, which is seen more and more across Europe and the USA. The choice of materials is high-end, but the items are more accessibly priced compared to most established brands.

Still an essentials brand

GripGrab is a brand populated by cyclists, and its 'Gripsters' are excited to now be able to ride in their own kit – from head to toe. Although it's very exciting for the brand to launch cycling wear, it's important to reiterate that GripGrab will remain an essentials brand – where cycling wear just happens to fit in perfectly.

To hear more about this exciting development, get in touch with Martin Krøyer:

About GripGrab

GripGrab is an award winning, family run business. Founded by brothers Kristian, Martin and Bjørn Krøyer in 2000. GripGrab is today run by CEO Martin Krøyer and CPO Kristian Krøyer, based near Copenhagen in Denmark.

Over those 20+ years, GripGrab has gone from striving to improve mountain bike gloves to designing and producing all the cycling essentials riders need to take on the conditions all year round.

GripGrab's core philosophy is simple: to create products that protect against any conditions. These products give riders the confidence to go further, push their limits and explore more.

GripGrab's mission is to create the products that enable all cyclists to explore and live out their individual cycling potential. That means gloves for all conditions of autumn and winter, headwear, warmers and base layers – all manufactured with the aim of enabling people to get out on their bikes more.

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