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Vittoria Holds Prices Despite Chinese Tariffs

Published May 14, 2019

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Salem, MA – As the effects of the recent Chinese tariffs begin to take hold on the bicycle industry, Vittoria is one brand that stands firm on pricing.

With well-established manufacturing in Thailand, Vittoria has insulated itself from the distributor, dealer, and consumer challenges that will face virtually all major competitive tire brands in the wake of Friday's tariff roll out. While other brands will be forced to pass on increased prices through a retail chain, Vittoria will maintain pricing, and continue to provide industry-leading margins at all levels.

"We can't simply assume that dealers will be able to absorb the loss in margin, nor can we expect consumers to suddenly pay more than they are accustomed to for the same goods," said EJ Riordan, President, Vittoria Industries North America.

"Unfortunately, this tariff will impact the independent bicycle dealer, but now more than ever, Vittoria offers a strong alternative in terms of both price and performance."

Beyond stable pricing, Thailand has long been revered as a quality manufacturing source for tires of all types, from automobile to bicycle and beyond.

In fact, Vittoria's own factory, Lion Tires Thailand (LTT), produces more handmade cotton tires than any other factory in the industry, as well as numerous World Cup winning MTB treads.

Most recently, Vittoria and LTT gained notoriety by pioneering Graphene compound and 4-compound (4C) technologies, both of which have pushed the evolution of bicycle tire technology to new heights. This combination of tariff-free importation and quality production underscores Vittoria's dedication to a healthy and economically sustainable bicycle industry for years to come.

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